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Paul's New Boat

This could, of course, be a wind up, says Val … but on 6 th June Paul emailed with this pic and

said: “First time in the water, first sail is next time. I replied: “In the words of John McEnroe: You cannot be serious?!!! Tell me more, and he did …

“It’s a SCAMP. If you Google “Scamp dinghy” there is loads of info. Basically it was a design commissioned from John Welsford, a New Zealand designer, by the American magazine: “The Small Craft Advisory Magazine”. You buy either a set of plans or a kit or there is an off the peg plastic version.” Paul

Only time will tell if Paul’s Scamp will put in an appearance at Stanborough!

Burgee 10 May 2019

Juniors Tom Etherton and Ben Hawker reappeared at the lake, taking a welcome breather from exam revision. They boosted the Comet fleet, and both did well.

Elsewhere on the water, there were a lot of ducklings and goslings about!

Testing a new recovery device

It works a treat!

instruction and write up to follow

Big races

Roger and Shelia battle it out for the 2013 Easter Egg Regatta Trophy


Start of another Year

The new year begins: 2019

Birthday Boys do Battle 2017

Dave Campbell and Roger Morse – who’d been celebrating their 80th and 70th birthdays the night before

New Boats

Little Miracle

New boat for Paul

Ooh La La!


Storm Brain 2017

Storm Erik 2018

10 Green Bottles hanging on the......

Away days

Little Paxton 24 hr Race


WGCSC Archives

Stories and news from 2012

Welly Youth Team wins Junior Silver Plate at Little Paxton 2012

Tribute to Stan Grace

Mike Clarke