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(for most frequently sailed boats) Slow Fleet - a PY of 1130 upwards


2018-19 SEASON

Running Races - Officers

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Running races - Rescue Crew

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RESCUING BOATS - Helm and rescue crew and racers

guidance for helms and rescue teams.

1 The rescue boat is there to save people, not boats. Rescue boats must give priority to people still on, or in, the water.2 The rescue team is not going to help you unless you specifically ask**…..they will stand off until you say you need help or the RD assesses that you are no longer capable of making the decision to keep racing (cold and/or tiredness). See also ‘Winter Notes’.3 Once in a rescue situation, it is the Rescue Driver (a qualified person) who is in command.Helms as well as Rescue Assistant MUST be led by the RDs and do as they require.4 If your boat is to be towed in (probably after racing has finished) you will need a suitable painter (some classes require a minimum of 6 metres of floating rope), attached to a point that will take the load …. 50 kg and a lot more for a double-hander full of water; each litre of water weighs one kilogramme……5 If the wind is strong, it is difficult to tow a fully rigged boat so the sail MUST be taken down or furled.6 Centre board should be taken up/dagger boards out of the slot. Rudders to be lifted unless helm stays with their boat.7 Boats are towed alongside the rescue boat with its engine clearly behind the transom of the rescued boat. Usually the towing load is taken on a strong rope attached to the front of the rescue boat to the back of your boat eg toestrap fixing…..but can yours take the strain (do the sums). Two other lines go in to keep the boats parallel – attached to mast (or painter of short boats) and stern quarter of your boat. Other methods are possible according to the type of boat (eg double hander full of water), RD’s training and experienceREMEMBER: Safety is about being prepared….. identify the hazards, assess the risks and eliminate/minimise them.** Rule 41 OUTSIDE HELPA boat shall not receive help from any outside source, except(a) help for a crew member who is ill, injured or in danger; (b) after a collision, help from the crew of the other vessel to get clear; (c) help in the form of information freely available to all boats; (d) unsolicited information from a disinterested source, which may be another boat in the same race.However, a boat that gains a significant advantage in the race fromhelp received under rule 41(a) may be protested and penalized; anypenalty may be less than disqualification.

Winter sailing policies


RO,OOD,RD winter checklist.doc

Helms and Crew

Winter Checklist for RO/OOD/RD

NOTE:Defibrillator now in the meeting room (in summer another available in the Finesse Office)
On ArrivalRO (currently C Adams) opens gates, fuel store, meeting room (deactivates alarm), then ladies and gents changing rooms. RO provides OOD with Silver Box (containing sign-on sheet, race sheet, cash sheet)RD checks rescue boat availability. RD and OOD check that a mobile phone is available for emergencies.OOD decides SAIL OR NO SAIL and raises club flag at the race hut.OOD determines courseOOD prepares course board and flagsOOD checks race watch(es) – instructions on race hut boardRD (and Assistant) collects fuel from store (check sufficiency) with radio and container holding ladies and radio, knife, towing lines, kill cord, safety kit.RD collects a paddle (if not already in power boat)RO relocks storeRD collects Club Bucket (gloves, towing line, club first aid kit)RD gives hand held radio to OOD OOD and RD sign race sign-on sheetOOD instructs RD about marks of the courseOOD and RD perform radio check.RD (and assistant) collects and lays buoys OOD holds briefing
After race finishes:RD locks up rescue boat; switches off radio.RD (and assistant) return equipment (leave fuel and container outside fuel store)OOD returns flags to race hutOOD switches off radio and gives it with Silver Box containing results sheet,‘Saturday Sailing Cash’ sheet and cash to RO RO opens fuel store, puts away fuel, container and radio. Locks up.RO ensures rooms are left clean and tidy and locks up changing rooms then reset alarm before locking the meeting room. Keys returned to the ‘key safe’.RO checks everyone out of compound and locks gate (and keeps keys safe until next week).


CHILD PROTECTION POLICY - Parental Consent Form Ver 1-0 Feb 2014

Data protection and GDPR polices

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