Winter Pursuit

Winter Pursuit results 2020

Autumn Winter Pursuit 13&14

01 Feb 2020

Autumn Winter Pursuit 11&12

04 Jan 2020

Autumn Winter Pursuit results 2019

Autumn Winter Pursuit 9&10

9 Dec 2019

Winter Pursuit 3&4

28 Sep 2019

Winter Pursuit 1&2

07 Sep 2019

Autumn Winter Pursuit 11&12

04 January 2020

Unusually for pursuit races held in the morning, it was the slow fleet that got away and only a few of the fast fleet made in roads on them. A notable result was the 4th Place gained by Al Jose in Race Two.

Happy new Year to all

Charles - RO

Autumn Winter pursuit 9&10

7 Dec 2019

Annette wins the day with 1st and a 2nd followed by Roger Morse with fourth and a win. There was a notable second place for Tony Hale in race one followed by Paul McAlister in third place.

In the second race Alex held off all the pack except Roger, David and Patrick who caught him right at the end of the race.... but he did come in a well earned 5th with more than half the fleet left behind him.

Winter pursuits 15 & 16, Saturday 17th February 2018 - the last of the season

Half a lake is better than none

Race 15: 1st D. Lambert, 2nd Nigel Davis, 3rd Phil Walter, 4th P. Thornley

Race 16: 1st P. Thornley, 2nd D. Lambert, 3rd Nigel Davis, 4th S. Smale

The top half of Stanborough lake was covered in ice. After some discussion, Race Officer Phil Walter and OOD Graham Hunt agreed to use just the bottom half for the first race, in the hope the situation might ease. The sun was shining brightly and they knew the temperature was rising so hopes were high that much of the ice would have receded by the start of the second race. It was the first time anyone could ever remember this compromise decision being made in the club’s history.

After the briefing, eight happy Wellys set out to do battle: Phil Walter (Comet), Roger Morse (Leader) and a six-strong fleet of Supernovas – Dave Lambert, Nigel Davis, Shaun Smale, Peter Thornley, Dave Campbell and Patrick Rohart. OOD Graham set a simple course, with the top mark as close as possible to the ice line. It worked, proving that half a lake is better than none! As predicted, more sailing space was available for the second race so everyone had a good morning on the water after all.

A Welly Fleet of six Supernovas start the second race

Rescue driver Paul McAlister and his Assistant Peter Davis

Fighting it out at the top

The top of the lake still covered in Ice

First race is late starting - still some thin ice floating by the shore

The ice line shines in the distance

Heading to the top mark

Moorhen getting ready for Spring

Only feet away from the ice but it is melting