Burgee - a flag bearing the colours or emblem of a sailing club, typically triangular.

A wet Burgee

12 Oct 2019

Good results for Paul and new comer Alex - Well done.

Burgee 6 12 Oct 2019

Burgee 5

18 Aug 2019

Burgee 4

20 July 2019

Burgee 3

15th June 2019

Burgee 2 (race 3&4)

11 May 2019

Burgee 1

13 April 2019


Sailing in the rain!

Burgee 6

In what I understand were horrible sailing conditions all are to be congratulated for completing any races, but newcomer Alex Shelley produced a notable 6th and 7th in his RS Feva and a 2nd and a 4th in the Personal Handicap races (with a PH of 400 - the same as Tom and Ben).

Paul McAlister with a 1st and a 3rd continued his excellent results in the PH series which he now leads. He can expect his PH to be cut considerably (to a max of 10%) in the half way stage review of handicaps...


Ice Stopped Play - 10th February 2018

A thin layer of ice over the top half of Stanborough Lake meant OOD Nigel Davis had to cancel Burgee 11, and send all the Welly sailors home to watch the Winter Olympics (and later, the second round of the 2018 NatWest Six Nations Championship as England hosted Wales at Twickenham). Some times it's not possible to have it all. It was either that, or watch seagulls skating on ice.