Dates for your Diary

Looking forward to the christmas pudding race on 21st December - Festive dress for you and your boats, with pudding to win!!

Welly Challenge 2020 - 8th February - usual fun and frivolity host by Roger

AGM 2020 - Sunday 15th March 7.00pm - 10pm.

Winter Rules

The winter rules for sailing on the Lake are now in operation (November 1st to March 31st).

Over this winter period anyone who capsizes and enters the water cannot continue sailing unless wearing a full wetsuit or a drysuit. With cold weather setting in it is appropriate to remind all helms to ensure they are equipped to meet the challenge:warm clothing- not forgetting the hat to reduce heat loss from the head unless wearing full wetsuit/drysuit you will be required to leave the racing if you enter the water. be aware that cold can cause problems even if you do not go into the water. 'Cold Shock' is the bodies reaction to entering cold water - uncontrollable breathing can lead to harmful intakes of water (one reason why the safety boat is required to move promptly to a capsize. Hypothermia can set in without you being aware and with it a tendency to make bad decisions making matters worse. If you are cold and you start shivering uncontrollably - get into the warm; you are recommended to arrange to take a shower in the disabled/ladies area (next door to the meeting room) while still in your wetsuit - start on cold water and only slowly turn up the temperature. Make others aware of your situation.Take on board some warm drink and some food.Wind can present problems at any time and the head should be protected where there is any risk of a bang from the boom: several club members have a helmet that you can inspect if considering getting your own - just ask.helmets are available from 'Better' - they are kept in their workshop area (return tidily).

Emergency contacts

Please make sure that the club has your chosen contact number for us in case of an emergency, next kin, neighbour etc. (not your own number :-) ).

This will be held by the OOD in a sealed envelope.

Evac location

I case of emergency the casualty should be taken to the mud ramp next to the wooded (swimmers) ramp. This area should be kept clear of launch trolleys so that the rescue boat can be run aground if necessary. The Defibrillator is in the class room, this should be fetch and brought to the evac point if necessary.

Contact details for duty swaps and inter-club communication

if you want to share your phone number and email address with other club member and receive a copy of the distribution list please sign up with the secretary

The current list can be found at Member contact details

Adjust your sailing watch


1. Put the watch into time mode by pressing the “MODE” button. This can be recognised because above the digits the display will show no icons relating to countdown. Also if in 12 hour mode the time will show AM or PM either above or below the central colon.

2. Press the “CLEAR” button and hold it down for approximately 2 seconds until the hour display begins to flash.

3. Press the “PROG” (short for programme) button until the correct hour is shown. Make sure if you are in the 12 hour clock that AM or PM is correct, or if you are in the 24 hour mode that you have the correct hour.


a) Each time you press the button the time will advance 1 hour

b) Keeping the button pressed in for a couple of seconds will start fast scrolling through the hours.

4. To change from 12 hour to 24 hour setting press the “START/STOP” button at any time the hours are still flashing.

5. Once the correct hour and 12/24 hr setting are set press “MODE”.This confirms the hours and starts the minutes flashing ready for setting 6. Press the “PROG” button until the correct minute is shown.

7. Once the correct hours and minutes are set, press “CLEAR” button one more time and the time is set and running. The display will also stop flashing.