Thursday night sailing

Thursday night sailing will start again in May 2020

RD = Rescue Driver - Arrange course and give advice

RA = Rescue Assistant

OS = On Shore - deal with paperwork and talk to parents etc

Help = help with setting up boats until on the water, then free to sail

Any questions ring Shelia

Summer Evening Sailing Review - 16 September 2018

Ready and waiting! This was the Summer Evening Team on one of the nights – back row l-r – Shaun Smale, Paul McAlister and Charles Adams, front row Roger Morse, Val Newton and Rosemary Turner. Sheila Stowe was a regular, and other helpers included Simon & Louisa Hawker.

As in previous years, we advertised the “Summer Evening Sailing Sessions” (June to end of August) on the club noticeboard, and Sheila Stowe got together a rota of rescue drivers, rescue assistants, helpers to get sailors afloat, and helpers to look after onshore admin and meet-and-greet. Each Thursday evening “the Summer Evening Team” turned up full of anticipation but, disappointingly, there were few participants. Some evenings there were none and we all went home early! We are still trying to work out why the response was so poor compared to the last two years.

However, it was very rewarding to welcome keen new sailor, Joan Thomas, on at least five occasions, as well as Letitia Matthews and her husband Ian McCreery who turned up one evening for a practice session in their Mirror. (Joan and Ian & Tish have joined the club as a result). Welly members, Tom and Will Etherton, also came down for an evening sail whenever they were able.