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Good results for Annette at 2019 Comet Opens

We’re used to Annette winning at Stanborough, but she has also been getting some impressive results on the Comet Open circuit this year.

Here’s a summary, along with her comments in italics. Fisher's Green, 6th April: 2nd overall (6th, 6th, 2nd, 1st).

Moderate wind. Mixed Solo and Comet Open. 3-way tie for 2nd but I won the last race so that put me at the top of these.

Up River, 7th April: 1st overall (1st, 1st, 2nd).

Light wind, tidal river. I actually totally screwed up the last race (grounded twice and sailed into a dead end in the river, was last by miles until the end leg) as someone pointed out I'd already won and would have to do the speech! Got my act together on the last beat and overtook most of the fleet. Mixed Lightning and Comet Open.

Burghfield, 27th April:

Wimped out of as way too windy, only 3 Comets went out (including the best heavy wind sailor in the fleet in this region) and even they had two reefs or went down to an Xtra sail!

Hunts, 28th April: 5th overall (5th, 5th, 4th).

Only 7 boats out. Moderate-heavy wind. Mixed club racing & Comet Open.

Frensham Pond, 9th June:

3rd Overall (2nd, 3rd can't remember but about 3rd from last).

Light winds, very fluky winds just like Stanborough. Was leading for most of the 1st race then got stuck in a bad wind-shift and overtaken. Had a drysuit/thermals on for the 1st two back-to-back races and cooked in brilliant sunshine, so swopped to short sleeved wetsuit/suntan lotion for the 3rd and went into torrential rain with freezing cold breeze as soon as on the water, was not impressed!!

Advice for Welly Comet sailors:

For those thinking about trying an Open I would suggest Fishers Green, Hunts, Crawley Mariners, Hawley, Rickmansworth and Littleton as good start points, being ones close to us and with (usually) fairly similar conditions. For Welly's wanting to try gale force wind in relatively safe conditions try Mudeford (or often Burghfield).

The full Comet Open results are on