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Updates from Barry

I was out yesterday sea trialling a retired Arun Class life boat “Samuel J” in Blyth near Newcastle. Second picture her back in the day operating out of Guernsey. Gold medal award winning lifeboat.

Clipper yachts arrive in St Katherine Dock London today (near Tower Bridge) ready for the start of the Clipper Round the World Race on Sunday 1st September. Nice atmosphere. Worth a visit to see and enjoy plenty of good eating and drinking venues. You can also step aboard and view some of the yachts. See Clipper web page for details.

Tomorrow I’m setting off back to the Solent to race in the 2019 Fastnet Race aboard Lancelot 2 with Sail Logic. Challenging 605 nautical mile race that starts on Saturday crossing the Irish Sea and back again. Limited sleep and facilities for 5 days ! Attached vid illustrates well what it’s all about in just a few minutes.


"I’m one of the crew with roles as pit on spinnaker and sail changes and helm on respective watches. 4 hours on 4 hours off by day and 3 hours on 3 hours off by night.

"Keep you posted when I can. You can follow commentary on Cowes Radio (Google Cowes Radio and you can play on phone or computer. If you want to track us then go to the YB Racing App on your phone. You can download from the App Store."

Good luck Barry from all in WGCSC!

Cowes St Malo Race

Another nice pic from RORC taken from the Needles IOW of yachts competing in the Cowes tonSt Malo Race this weekend. We covered over 300 miles on Lancelot 2 (Sail Logic) there and back with a stop off in Guernsey after racing. Bit of drama during the night with a breakage but all sorted quickly (Code Zero a big reaching lightweight sail took out our bow sprit with a bang) We finished with a respectable mid fleet result.

Barry Leake

Paul SCAMPS about on the Broads!

On 6th June Paul Lohr announced his new SCAMP kit boat had been put in the water for the first time. The latest is that in late August, he had a wonderful time sailing her on Barton Broad and up to Sutton Staithe.

This could, of course, be a wind up, says Val … but on 6 th June Paul emailed with this pic and said: “First time in the water, first sail is next time. I replied: “In the words of John McEnroe: You cannot be serious?!!! Tell me more, and he did …

“It’s a SCAMP. If you Google “Scamp dinghy” there is loads of info. Basically it was a design commissioned from John Welsford, a New Zealand designer, by the American magazine:

“The Small Craft Advisory Magazine”. You buy either a set of plans or a kit or there is an off the peg plastic version.” Paul Only time will tell if Paul’s Scamp will put in an appearance at Stanborough!