New year begins

The New Year Begins

Happy 2019 to everyone!

Nine boats set off in wintry sun on 12th January

So we’re off again. The first two Saturdays of the year were surprisingly amenable, if somewhat chilly for those on rescue duty.

5th January was Winter Pursuit 9/10 with Paul McAlister in charge as OOD. It was bitterly cold, but the wind was good and steady, and just about perfect for both of the races. Everyone enjoyed the racing very much. The first race was won by Patrick Rohart (Supernova), and the second by Annette Walter (Comet).

12th January was Winter Handicap 11/12 and Paul Lohr was OOD. The weather was grey and moody. The wind forecast was for 14mph and gusting, but the reality was an almost flat calm lake with breezes here and there, getting a little brisker in the second race. This meant tactics were key. Making the right choice about exactly where and when to tack meant significant gains could be made, whereas making the wrong choice … yes well ….. The first race was won by Patrick Rohart (Supernova), and ………. drum roll …………. the second race was won by (Miracle) Charles Adams. “Almost certainly because Annette got tangled up with the fishermen!” he gamely admitted afterwards.

Must we go? Why are we here? It's cold!

Which way did he say we were to go...?

A wringing of hands and trying to keep warm while concentrating on.......

That's right, Dave. Be carefull, it's cold. Ask Patrick.

Someone has to do it. Thanks to Sheila and Roger for sitting out the chilly weather.

.........the COURSE. (What it's all about)

New Sailing Season Begins - 10th March 2018

The 2018 sailing season kicked off on the 10th March with the first two Spring/Summer Handicap races. A total of 12 boats ventured onto the grey, lacklustre lake, some after a long winter layoff due to the “Beast from the East”. Conditions appeared to be very calm but this was deceptive as gusts suddenly punched through … as Patrick Rohart found out when he capsized on the start line.

  • Patrick then had to catch the fleet, and he chased Shaun for the whole race, overtaking him in the very last minute.
  • At coffee time Patrick was asked if Shaun had said anything to him, he joked: “Non, he iz round ze corner crying”.
  • By some sort of Karma, Patrick’s boat capsized on top of him in the lagoon at the start of the second race!

  • Alan Campbell has bought Pete Thornley’s Supernova and will be sailing it at Stanborough. The Campbell Supernova has been taken to Grafham by Rob, and Dave is now back to his trusty Laser.
  • Peter Thornley has gone back to his Streaker, which has now been promoted to the fast fleet courtesy of its new RYA PN (Portsmouth Number) of 1128. This should guarantee some lively competition in the future!
  • Will Etherton was fixing spreaders to the mast of his Miracle in the boat park, which he hopes to get on the water very soon. It was built by his Dad from a kit when Will was a youngster, but then his Dad discovered he didn’t actually like sailing! He also plans to get a stronger boom and sort out the sail. Watch out Charles!
  • Will and his son Tom made it to the RYA Dinghy Show this year and featured on a promotion in Facebook – trying out some of the gear. See if you can spot them HERE. (Paul McAlister was also there.)
  • It takes two to tango … well, to fix a self bailer on a Comet. Paul McAlister was ably assisted by Will Etherton, as demonstrated here: