Commodore's cup

2nd November 2019

Waiting for the big event

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Commodores cup


Annette wins again!

Backbone Trophy


OOD Ian Stringer

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Mouse Club

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Commodores Cup - 20 October 2018

Annette Wins Commodore’s Cup

(and Commodore Nigel with two 2nd places is runner up!)

It was to be Commodore Nigel Davis’s last ‘Commodore’s Cup’ before leaving us and relocating to the Midlands. Conditions could not have been more perfect with wall-to-wall blue sky and a light wind. Sailors and Mouse Club turned out in force to support him.

A total of 14 boats took to the water, and spirits were high. The event was run as the best two of 3 x 3/4hour Pursuit races – a format which made things very interesting.

Annette Walter scored two firsts and was the Winner of the Commodore’s Cup. Mike Caddy took a surprise first place in the second race. Commodore Nigel Davis also excelled with two second places (sadly he didn’t have a storybook ending to his tenure as our Commodore!), with the other 2nd place being taken by Phil Walter. The final running order at the top was Annette, Nigel, Phil, Mike.

The Backbone Trophy went to Val Newton at 7th, and Oscar Hayward, who was sailing his new Comet bought from Nigel, was 1st Junior and awarded a Shield. Val and Oscar received their trophies at the Annual Dinner that night.

Thanks to the OOD team of Ian Stringer and Sheila Stowe for running three races that morning, and appreciation to the Rescue team of Tim Hogan and Simon Hawker who oversaw the big fleet.

The Winner - Annette Walter

Photos by Charles Adams

Second placed Nigel gets advice on the wines from Mike Caddy (above)

14 October 2017 - Commodore’s Cup

Commodore’s Cup -A change of format this year

There was an excellent turnout of 17 boats for the Commodore’s Cup, which took place on an unpromising, grey, light wind day at Stanborough. It included two “mini fleets” of seven Comets and five Supernovas.

Commodore Nigel Davis announced the format would be different this year. There would be a Pursuit and a Handicap back-to-back before coffee, then a second Handicap after the break. The event would be decided as the best two of three races (ie one discard). The idea was to provide keen competition not only at the front of the race but also down the fleet.

He also said there would be three trophies on offer – the Commodore’s Cup, the Backbone Trophy for the highest place helm who has not won a series or special race in the last five years, and a Commodore’s Junior Cup for the first junior (under 19). This last piece of news caused a delighted stir amongst the four possible qualifiers at the briefing – Tom Etherton, Ben Hawker, Lucy Hawker and Samuel McAlister.

Nigel wasted no time in getting the Pursuit under way, with the help of his assistant, Ian Stringer, who toiled over the laptop computer in the hut during the racing to make sure all the results were spot on.

Sheila Stowe beat all the other Comets to a great start in the Pursuit. Dave Campbell was the first of the Supernovas across the line. After that, the running order was ever changing.

Two sailors suffered gear failures during the first race – Peter Thornley’s sail suddenly dropped down the mast because he hadn’t fastened it properly, and Paul McAlister’s sail parted company with the end of the boom but he managed to re-tie it on the water.

When the final reckoning came, two sailors were in equal contention for the Commodore’s Cup – Peter Thornley and Dave Lambert. Commodore Nigel Davis said the rule was the last race dictated which one had won, and this turned out to be Dave Lambert. Dave was thrilled “I’ve never won the Commodore’s Cup before!” he exclaimed.

Dave Lambert wins the Commodore's Cup

The Backbone Trophy was won by Mike Caddy.

Commodore’s Junior Cup was won by Tom Etherton.

The full Commodores Cup Results can be seen here.

Thanks go to Alan Pearce for driving the rescue boat, and his assistant Simon Hawker. They performed one particularly important task all morning – bringing Peter Thornley back to the lagoon after his sail came down!

A Sporting Moment that was almost missed

The good natured rivalry between juniors Ben Hawker and Tom Etherton – who are both students at Verulam School – continued onshore during the Commodore’s Cup. At the coffee break, they were exactly equal with a 1-2, and a 2-1. They shook hands and wished each other “Good Luck” with the deciding third race … which eventually went to Tom. After the Junior Cup was presented they high-fived each other in celebration – it’s good to see such sportsmanship in the club.

A selection of Val's photographs can be seen below

and the whole Google Photo Album here. (New window).