Punch Bowl

Punchbowl 3-hour Pursuit – 15th September 2018

Defending Punchbowl champions Dave and Patrick

trounced by Annette and Michael!

In spite of Dave Lambert and Patrick Rohart being pumped up for action, and having a serious ‘Team Talk’ before the race, they lost the much coveted Punchbowl Trophy to Comet sailors Annette Walter and Michael Ettershank.

It was a disappointing result for Supernova sailors Dave and Patrick as they’d hoped to make their winning streak three-in-a-row, but it was not to be. They eventually sailed into third place after Shaun Smale and Dave Campbell - also in a Supernova.

Annette and Michael were particularly nippy when it came to changeovers after each lap. They were not afraid to nose-dive into their boat amid a shower of splashes. Shaun and Dave C kept the pressure on them throughout, but their changeover style was more “stately”!

Dave L and Patrick had some fun times as they exchanged places but sometimes it didn’t all go according to plan (take a look at Patrick’s face). Also see more photos of the pair in the album (here).

It was a great pleasure to see Tony Hale on the water after a long absence. He partnered Paul McAlister in another Supernova and they came in 4th.

Next it was Peter Thornley and Charles Adams in a Streaker. Their changes were also done in a steady gentlemanly manner. It was all going very smoothly when both collapsed into laughter on one occasion when Pete complained: “I can’t get my leg over!”

Finally, Junior team Ben Hawker and Oscar Hayward campaigned a Comet and had a lot of fun even though they were last. It was Oscar’s first ever race with the club and he was elated throughout . Even a knock on his head by the boom at the end of the race failed to dampen his enthusiasm.

Annette Walter with the Punchbowl Trophy (centre) surrounded by Welly competitors and supporters,

who all enjoyed cake and hot punch after the race.

See all Val's photographs here.

1st - Annette and Michael doing one of their nose-diving changeovers

2nd - Shaun Smale and Dave Campbell getting ready for action

3rd - Dave and Patrick. Could he be thinking: “Mon dieu, what eeez he doing? "

4th - Tony and Paul were a last minute pairing and had a great time.

5th - Peter complaining to Charles: “I can’t get my leg over”!

6th - Juniors Oscar (left) and Ben won giant bars of Toblerone

Punch Bowl Trophy, Saturday 16th September 2017

Toasting the Winners and thanking the Duty Team

Dave and Patrick make it two in a row!

Congratulations to Dave Lambert and Patrick Rohart, who beat off competition from nine other teams to win the much coveted Punch Bowl Trophy for the second year running.

They not only put Comet sailors Phil & Annette Walter into second place, they also managed to withstand very strong challenges from fellow Supernova sailors, Shaun Smale & Tom Hebbert, and Dave & Alan Campbell. To say they were absolutely jubilant when OOD Ian Stringer announced the result is an understatement!

A total of ten teams took to the water, and it was good to see four of our junior sailors – Samuel McAlister, Tom Etherton, and Lucy & Ben Hawker - enjoying themselves. At one point, Lucy exclaimed: “This is SO much fun!” as she recovered from a tricky – and very wet changeover. (The rule of this race is that helms have to change every lap by heading for the shore and jumping out on one side of the boat, while their partner takes over the helm as quickly as possible from the other side. It is always a popular event with club members who turn out to see how speedily the changeover can be done – or not – as the case may be.)

Lucy (swimming) - “This is SO much fun!”

Messrs Rohart & Lambert - How it shouldn't be done.

But they won!

The Walters - How it should be done.

Sailing conditions were ideal for this three-hour pursuit, with a consistent gentle breeze throughout the morning. Supporters turned out in force, and everyone enjoyed a cup of hot punch when racing was over – thanks to Marjorie Adams for doing the honours.

Dave Lambert & Patrick Rohart are presented with their trophy by OOD Ian Stringer.

Samuel McAlister, Tom Etherton, and Ben & Lucy Hawker pose with the Trophy....They wish!

To see all of the photographs taken by Val Newton and Karen McAlister in a new window, click here.

Big thanks also to Ian & Jill Stringer for all their hard work running the race, and to Alan Pearce and Simon Hawker for manning the Safety Boat. Appreciation also goes to Karen McAlister who helped Val with some of the picture taking.

Post Script: Have we found Messrs Lambert and Rohart's secret to success? - Their Support Team!