Birthday Boys do Battle

  This is not supposed to happen!  

The forecast for Winter Handicap races 9 and 10 on Saturday 4th November was for heavy rain and high winds.  Amazingly this didn’t put anyone off, including the two Welly “Birthday Boys” – Dave Campbell and Roger Morse – who’d been celebrating their 80th and 70th  birthdays the night before.  After the briefing by OOD, Graham Hunt, 12 boats took to the water and everyone had a great sail in breezy (and, by that time) dry conditions.

At coffee, a birthday celebration feast appeared.  Dave brought out two large boxes of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and Roger’s wife Sybil, produced a big box of homemade Welsh cakes, and everyone  was invited to “tuck in”. 

  12 Helms enjoying a breezy first race.

  A birthday feast appeared at coffee time.    These three made sure of their share.  

So far, so good but, by the time the second race started, the wind had become MUCH livelier. It wasn’t long before (uncharacteristically) Dave Campbell capsized his Laser and the rescue boat suddenly had a job to do. He struggled to get it upright in the strong gusts, but it blew over on top of him and the battle had to continue. (Son, Alan, sailed past in his Supernova with barely a glance!)

Eventually, Dave decided to “abandon ship” and climb aboard the safety boat.  However, our Birthday Hero didn’t stop there -  he then went on to assist rescue at the top of the lake where young Tom Etherton and Ben Hawker, had also capsized and become trapped on the bank by overhanging trees.

  Second race was much livelier   Oops! Dave is over but son Alan sails by without a glance!

 Birthday Boy Roger sails past too!  
   Dave continues to struggle    .... abandons ship    .....and joins the rescue effort at the top of the lake!

  Dad Will Etherton furls son Tom's sail   Rescue Assistant Anthony Willis helps Ben

   A happy ending for both boys  

It turned out to be an eventful morning-after-the-night-before for Dave Campbell, but his fellow “Birthday Boy”, Roger Morse,  managed to keep his feet dry.

* Fast Fleet:  Patrick Rohart came 1st in the first race and Alan Campbell 1st in the second race.  

* Slow Fleet: Annette Walter came 1st in both races.

The full photo album can be viewed here.