Annual Dinner 2015

or was it

"How WGCSC repelled the Spanish Armada"

by Roger Morse ???


Roger contemplating how well WGCSC had done to beat the Armada.

The Annual Dinner, which followed a very interesting Commodore’s Cup Race in the morning, was held at the WGC Golf Club.  After an excellent dinner enjoyed by all, Roger Morse took the floor to entertain us with his story about the Spanish Armada and how WGCSC saved the day by chasing the Armada back to the south coast.  Roger recruited Lin Smale as Cheer Leader, or rather as "Boo, Hiss and Cheer" Leader, to coordinate the audience's response to the highs and lows of the Armada's invasion and its subsequent defeat. To mark WGCSC's victory, Roger proposed the toast to the club.

Thanks were expressed to our Commodore, Peter Thornley, for organising much of the event, and also to Shaun Smale, Sheila Stowe and Val Newton for the quizzes, table decorations and slideshow.  The sale of raffle tickets was ably carried out by Samuel McAlister, Nash Gabbey and Christopher Ansell who carried out this task with great enthusiasm. 

At the end of the evening, Race Officer, Phil Walters, announced the trophy and prize winners for the Spring-Summer Handicap and Spring-Summer Pursuit Series.  Annette Walter headed the list, winning Slow Fleet in the S/S Handicap and first place in the Spring-Summer Pursuit.  The fast fleet cup in the S/S Handicap went to Roger Morse. The full list of 2014/2015 Awards Winners can be seen below and the positions of all participants can be seen on

the Race Results page.


Slow Fleet – SKF Cup

1. Annette Walter  
2. Sheila Stowe    
3. Charles Adams

Cup 1 for Annottee


Big Cup for Roger


Fast Fleet - Nabisco Cup

1. Roger Morse  
2. Patrick Rohart
3. Dave Lambert


Keith Berry Cup

1. Annette Walter 
2. Charles Adams
3. Dave Lambert 

Cup 2 for Annette

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