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Summer evening sailing has got properly underway

Some evenings have had mixed weather and one was cancelled due to high winds but June 8th was a perfect sunny evening for getting afloat in spite of the wind being very light.  Best of all, some keen sailors turned up to enjoy the session - the wonderful Clayton family  (Mum Alison, Sam, Josephine and Holly),  and Stanley Turner, all of whom participated last year.

The Welly team that night were: Commodore Nigel Davis and Tony Hale, who sailed in their own boats (a Comet and Leader), Roger Morse and Tony Lyall who devised all the activities from the rescue boat, and Sheila Stowe who gave lots of onshore support.  Val Newton also turned up with a camera ... now there's a surprise. 

Roger and Tony ran some short races to practise starts and points of sailing, and also introduced some natty synchronised tacking manoeuvres on the way back to base, dictated by a whistle signal.

Lots of sailors turned up on Summer Evening Sailing on 15th June when there were eight boats out including two Welly ones sailed by Nigel and Tony.   Sheila and Paul ran the session from the rescue boat, and Val took pics from the shore - again!. This cheerful group pic was taken at the end of the session and says it all really!  

 Left to right:   Sheila Stowe, Milly McAlister, Keira Logan, Tony Hale, Alison Clayton, Niall Logan (back), Luke Kelly (front), Josephine Clayton, Nigel Davis, Samuel McAlister, Stanley Turner, Marcus Raymond and Paul McAlister.

Hightlights so far include...    (but more photographs will be available shortly)

Alison taking the helm for the first time after twenty-something years.  She couldn't stop smiling!

Tony Hale attempting to sail with a spinnaker on his Leader ... it looked a bit like a giant pair of droopy drawers!

Milly and Samuel McAlister back from last year, although Sam managed to 'mysteriously' capsize in no wind!

 New young sailor Luke Kelly making his debut - he has RYA Level 2


Marcus Raymond taking the helm of Tony's Leader for the first time.

 Niall Logan introducing his daughter to the joys of sailing.