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EASTER REGATTA - 4th April 2015

Alan Campbell wins Easter Regatta in challenging conditions.
The full report, the photographs and all the winners can be found here.

AGM - 22 March 2015

The Food

The Award Winners

Your new Committee can be found on the contacts page.  The full report on the business side of the AGM will be published with the Minutes in due course.  The full report of Prize Winners from the various race series and other awards plus all the photgraphs can be found here.

Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring, it’s the Welly Challenge! 


“Dad’s Army” was the fun theme of this year’s Welly Challenge, the club’s annual fundraiser for charity; £257.45 this year for Help the Heroes!  

The characters who arrived at Mead Hall in Wheathampstead, included a grimy Bevin Boy, Captain Mainwaring himself, a Red Cross Nurse, and more....Read all about it and see the pics here.

Congratulations to Tony Lyle

At the AGCM Tony was elected President of the International Flying Dutchman Class Organisation. He has promised do a brief report on the FD Worlds in Sydney in the near future.  Meanwhile, here is a shot of Tony and his crew heading downwind with the spinnaker against the Sydney Harbour skyline.


Stan Grace and Mike Fairman

It was the first Anniversary of Stan's passing on February 14th and it felt like a lovely tribute to his memory to see Mike sailing his Gull on Stanborough Lake.  Stan would have loved that, especially as Mike and Stan were such great pals and often used to compete in the slow fleet.  

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More Winter Woes at Stanborough


On 7th February, the second race was all going so well (first pic) ..... until the sky suddenly darkened and the fleet was hit by a bitterly cold blast of driving sleet (second pic). 

As always, our hardy sailors didn't flinch - well only a little bit......   Can Spring be far behind?

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PROVISIONAL Calendar for 2014/2015.......

........can be found here. (Courtesy of Phil Walter)

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 Welly Winter Woes

First time out after Christmas, on the 3rd January, it was bitterly cold, grey, and thoroughly miserable at Stanborough.  The usual intrepid Wellys ventured out but there was not a lot of New Year joy.   On the 10th January, sailing had to be cancelled because of extreme gale force winds.  Today, 17th January, there was a snow storm just as the first race was finishing!  Fortunately, the weather front passed over and 10 sailors enjoyed bright sunshine and blue skies in the second race.  Val.


Photographs by Val Newton

Competitors, Duty Officers and some supporters at our Christmas Pudding Race on Saturday 20th December


             Photo Collage by Val Newton


Peter Thornley writes:   The last sailing act of 2014 was the Christmas Pudding Regatta on 20th December, consisting of 2 handicap races, each consisting of a fast and a slow fleet.

Thirteen sailors braved the forecast of 16 mph winds, with stronger gusts, on a bright, cold and sunny day. The first race conditions were not quite so strong as forecast, and we only saw 2 or 3 capsizes, although a couple of the fleet got a bit too close to the lee shore and got stuck in trees. The ones who got it right were Annette Walter (comet), Richard Bull (streaker) and Sheila Stowe (comet) in that order in the slow fleet, and in the fast fleet Dave Lambert led Patrick Rohart and Dave Campbell, all in supernovas (or should that be supenovae?).

The second race saw stronger winds with lively gusts towards the end, several unplanned swims and visits to the lee shore, and a change of fortunes for most except Annette Walter, who went on to her second win, followed this time by Nigel Davis (comet Xtra) and Richard Bull. Sheila opted to crew for Roger Morse in his leader, and is obviously an ace crew, as they went on to win the fast fleet race quite easily, followed by Patrick and Dave Campbell. Dave Lambert, after some unscheduled deviations into the trees, managed to scrape back into fourth. Roger's 7th in the first race, sailing alone, meant he did not get onto the podium.
Final combined results were:
Slow fleet.   
1 Annette 2 points
2 Richard 5 points
3 Nigel     6 points

Fast fleet.    
1 Patrick               4 points
2 Dave Lambert   5 points
3 Dave Campbell 6 points

Well done to Annette and Patrick who got the large Xmas Puds, and Richard and Dave L who got the small puds.

Following the racing, we all enjoyed hot mulled wine and hot mince pies provided as usual by Marjorie Adams. It was a sociable end to the morning, with as many non sailors as sailors coming for the wine, pies and chat.

Many thanks to Marjorie, and to Ian Stringer, Val Newton and Phil Walter who had a busy time on duty. Val took a zillion photos in between aiding several wet sailors. 
Peter Thornley
All Photos courtesy of Val Newton

For a Christmas Pud pictures slide-show visit our Photo Gallery page here.