WGCSC Photo Gallery
(Under development)


Welcome to the WGCSC Photo Gallery.  Photographs are shown here as Slide Shows, You-Tube Videos or Still photographs. If you have photographs or videos which you would like added to this gallery, please contact Val Newton (wgcsc.editor@wgcsc.org.uk) or David Brown (webmaster@wgcsc.org.uk).


To view a slideshow, click the "Start Arrow" . To view larger images of the photographs or go through them at a different speed, double click a photograph to open the photographs in a separate page.  You can then select ("Click") the Slide Show Title at the top left corner to see all photographs as thumbnails from where you can jump to whichever photograph you wish.  For the technically minded, the photographs are held in a Google Picasa Photo Album.

YouTube Videos

To view a YouTube Video, click the start arrow. To show it "full screen", double click the image while it is playing. If you want to view it at an intermediate size, click the link beside the video image. If you have a Video you would like to share with us, do let us know.