Newly Qualified?

Congratulations on completing your RYA Sailing Course

You’ve learned to harness the elusive power of the wind. It’s difficult to do, but you’ve succeeded. Be proud. It’s a great achievement.


You’ll want to
practice your new skills and improve them, getting the enjoyment of sailing well in different boats and different conditions. 

Imagine sailing one of those catamarans you can hire on hot holiday beaches.

It’s easy to improve! 

During the week we have a "Sail Better" session on a Wednesday night and Leisure Sessions on Tuesday and Friday mornings.


Welwyn Garden City Sailing Club runs ‘sail better’ sessions on Wednesday evenings during the Summer. Here you will be encouraged to sail alongside other improvers around simple courses, with experienced club members on hand to offer advice on how to sail better and faster. You’ll be encouraged to sail as fast as you can, unleashing your competitive spirit. It’s amazing how quickly you can improve in this way. 

In 2015 these are on Wednesday evenings from 18.00 to 20.00, 27 May to end August. You will need to join the club, but it’s only £15 membership for the year. Boats can be hired from Finesse for £5.00 per evening, or you can use your own, if it’s a single hull less than 16 ft.

Eventually, as well as promising yourself that catamaran ride on holiday, as your experience grows, you’ll probably want to take on the challenge and excitement of organised racing. 

If you’re not sporty, don’t worry, many people excel at sailing but are not good at other sports.

It’s a simple step to start racing here at Stanborough. 

There are 2 races on most Saturday mornings throughout the year.

Perhaps first come down to watch, and talk to the sailors between races at about 11.00. They’ll be eager to tell you all about it, and to pass on their enthusiasm for this demanding and satisfying sport.

Then just get out there and try it. There’s plenty of room. We’ll watch out for you and give you an easy ride for a while. You can hire Finesse boats at a reduced rate, or use your own if you have one.

The sailors are of all abilities, all ages, male and female. Most of us started sailing here, just like you, so you’ll fit right in and feel at home straight away. 

Come and get the buzz of competing and sailing fast and well. Learn the top tricks from the top sailors.

Welwyn Garden City Sailing Club runs the races.

However, if you are not competitive and prefer to potter about, you would enjoy our mid-week leisure sessions on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

To find out more about the racing, the leisure sessions and the social scene, explore our website.