March 2016 Material

LATEST NEWS (Late March)
(This News is currently being updated and photographs inserted. Please re-visit it later)

The last half of March was a very busy time for WGCSC with the AGM on 20 March and the Easter Regatta on the 26th. It was also a sad time when Cheryl Luxford last her long brave battle against cancer. As Commodore Peter Thornley reported at the time, Cheryl was one of the founder members of the Mouse Club in the 1990s and had been a strong supporter of the club ever since. She will be greatly missed.

The activities of the AGM and the Easter Regatta have been well recorded with photographs and these are used below for your enlightenment and enjoyment. Please use the links included which take you to slide shows and photo albums.


The normal business side of the AGM proceeded without any unforeseen hiccups.

Peter Thornley stood down as Commodore after quite a turbulent period in the life of WGCSC caused by the management and procedural changes at Finesse. However, with Peter’s guidance the club has emerged from these changes as a larger and more active club than ever. Shaun Smale presented Peter with an engraved glass memento to mark the occasion. 

Nigel Davis was unanimously appointed as our new Commodore. Nigel was unfortunately unable to be present at the AGM so the ceremonial handing over of the Commodore’s Cap did not take place until the Easter Regatta as our photographs show.

David Brown stood down as Secretary but has remained on the Committee and as Webmaster. Paul McAlister was appointed as secretary and was thrown in at the deep end, taking the minutes of the AGM in David’s absence. Shaun Smale stood down from the Committee.

The new Officebearers and Committee can be found on the Contacts page of our Website.

The Sailing Results for the 2015/2016 Race Programme were announced and Awards were presented. A summary of the results are shown below and the full set of results can be found on our Website here.

One person dominated the results in all the major categories except one and that person was Annette Walter who took First Place in all categories in which she was able to compete! (She could not compete in Fast Fleet events!) Congratulations to Annette who becomes our new Helm of the Year.

AGM Trophy Presentation 2015-2016 Season



 Fast Fleet - Kane Frostbite Trophy

1   Roger Morse

2   Patrick Rohart

3   Dave Lambert


 Slow Fleet - Kane Icicle Trophy

 1   Annette Walter

2   Charles Adams

3   Nigel Davis



Winter Pursuit Cup


1   Annette Walter

2   Sheila Stowe

3   Peter Thornley



Burgee - IBM Trophy

1   Annette Walter

2   Charles Adams

3   Roger Morse


 Personal Handicap 

Alan Maurice Trophy

1   Annette Walter

2   Charles Adams

3   Tony Hale




 PORTHOLE TROPHY  - Frank Robinson


 The MAINSTAY TROPHY - Patrick Rohart

 Most IMPROVED HELM – Charles Adams


Clubmanship Trophy – Phil Walter

This was awarded by the Commodore to Phil, who has had 2 terms on the committee, both times being the Race Officer. This last time, in addition to the normal work of organising the race calendar and Duty Rota, and calculating and publishing the race results, he has made the racing marks much easier to handle and during the Winter has kept things running smoothly when Finesse were not present. 

EASTER REGATTA 26 March 2016

Our Race Officer, Phil, responded to a query about attending this event with the advice: “You're welcome to come down but I would suggest this Saturday is not one for casual sailing. There is a weather warning for WGC, with strong winds gusting up to 45mph.”

And he was correct as our photographs show, it was a wild and stormy event. Our thanks to Val for capturing the atmosphere of the day so well. Please take time to visit the slide show and photo album.

Top Places were taken as follows: (Full results will be published in our Race Results Section when available)

Fast Fleet winner: Patrick Rohart

Slow fleet winner: Peter Thornley

 Overall Winner of the Easter Egg Trophy:  Patrick Rohart