1. Put the watch into time mode by pressing the “MODE” button. This can be recognised because above the digits the display will show no icons relating to countdown. Also if in 12 hour mode the time will show AM or PM either above or below the central colon.

2. Press the “CLEAR” button and hold it down for approximately 2 seconds until the hour display begins to flash.

3. Press the “PROG” (short for programme) button until the correct hour is shown. Make sure if you are in the 12 hour clock that AM or PM is correct, or if you are in the 24 hour mode that you have the correct hour.
a) Each time you press the button the time will advance 1 hour
b) Keeping the button pressed in for a couple of seconds will start fast scrolling through the hours.

4. To change from 12 hour to 24 hour setting press the “START/STOP” button at any time the hours are still flashing.

5. Once the correct hour and 12/24 hr setting are set press “MODE”.This confirms the hours and starts the minutes flashing ready for setting 6. Press the “PROG” button until the correct minute is shown.

7. Once the correct hours and minutes are set, press “CLEAR” button one more time and the time is set and running. The display will also stop flashing.