This page informs you of changes to our sailing procedures required by Finesse 
and related changes to Club Procedures.


Wednesday Evenings 'Sail Better' Club Sessions.
Well, they've started. They are aimed at people who have some basic skill level, eg RYA level 2, and aim to help them improve and to get them racing. For insurance and other reasons, they will have to join the club, and boats can be hired from Finesse at £5.00 per session. This still works out as very inexpensive, so if you have any contacts who can sail, let them know. It's for all ages 8 years upwards.

Volunteers for Wednesday Sessions.
We need volunteers, especially power boat drivers, to help out on these sessions. They start at 18.00 and finish at 20.00. Can you please let Nigel Davis know if and when you are available so he can ensure enough people each week, until the end of  August.
The team running these events is Nigel, Sheila and Tony Hale, and they will advise you what needs doing.

Weekday Club leisure sailing.
The 'supersavers' (previously the 'silvertops') had regular sailing times on Tuesday and Friday mornings. These were cancelled by the new Finesse management, much to their annoyance. After some discussion, these sessions will be adopted by the club, and will be primarily for leisure sailing. Again, Finesse boats can be hired at £5.00 per session. The previous participants will join the club and benefit from club insurance, but will have to crew a Finesse safety boat themselves. They will not be asked to do Saturday duties, unless they come racing. All members can use these sessions, but you may have to pitch in with duties. 

We are growing!
The club now has 4 club sessions per week, so well done Nigel and team in organising all this. We hope this adds to the appeal of the club.

Saturday Morning racing.
We've seen a few changes; large yellow buoys for the open water swimming, the wooden ramp, gravel on the lagoon launching area, and a combination lock on the gate to the Finesse compound. Ask in reception for the code. So far we have not had any water based activity which has affected the racing, but this will probably change. However, the Finesse staff on duty have been very cooperative and helpful so far. When you are OOD or rescue driver, talk to them and I'm sure that activities can be coordinated satisfactorily.

Wooden Launching Ramp.
If you haven't used this yet, be very careful. It is slippery under the water. 2 members have slipped over. Finesse are aware, and are trying different solutions.